Welcome to the KERN System

We are a group of repeater owners who are very fortunate to have the sites we are in. Thanks to all the site providers for the privilege of being able to have a repeater there.

Meet our group:

Lee Bouchard KI6HHU / Jon Wilhelm WA6KLB / Ron Thome K6RET / Steven Hess KC6KGE / Shane Skadden KE6JZ / Skip Clark WB6TXX / Jerry Garis KK6AC. We are a group of repeater owners who have tied our repeaters together to form a network configurable in the event of a disaster. These repeaters are provided for your enjoyment. There are no club dues or obligations, so please feel free to use them.


This system currently consists of  14 repeaters tied in to Frazier via a 420 MHz linked system. We also have echolink capability thanks to Lee's node connected into the system. The node # is: 663524. Coverage of this system goes from E of Barstow to Ventura, the Southern and central part of the San Juaquin Valley up to about Tracy. Three of the repeaters are at 8000' or over. 

Our latest editions are 2 440 DMR repeaters, one of them is located in Taft. Special thanks go out to Steve KC6KGE for the DMRs and especially Ron K6RET who has been maintaining our system and who is our technical consultant. Special thanks also goes out to Skip Clark, WB6TXX who is our informational Officer and Lee Bouchard KI6HHU, who has been with me thru thick and thin since the conception of this system. I really can't say enough about our group, they are very special.

On personal note from me KK6AC:

I built my first repeater (Shirley Peak 443.000 MHZ) and had it on the air 25 years ago. Since then that one repeater grew into the system it is today, the KERN System. This system cover a chunk of California. That being said, there is a potential for many users. The system has indeed grown as far as users. We as a core group want that and want everyone to enjoy the system. Since there are many users now, consideration has to be given to the length of our QSOs to allow other to enjoy it as well. If we can keep our QSOs to 30 minutes maximum, this will facilitate that. Also being a linked system with a number of repeaters, consideration needs to be given when we first key up to talk. Because of the key up delays of all the repeaters we need to wait a second or so before we speak  (after keying up) so that the first word is not cut off by repeaters still coming up. Also we need to wait after the person unkeys before we key up. This will allow someone to break in for emergency traffic or to make a call or join in on the conversation. Please note that this is being said for everyone, including me. I love to talk and am guilty of all these things, even timing out the repeater because I am so long winded. To aid in this particular aspect, the time out timers on the repeaters have been shortened..

Enough said, please enjoy the system as that is the intent of our group.


Jerry KK6AC

Here is the current list of our repeaters:


446.320 - PL 141.3 Double Mt. (Tehachapi) 8000' X/L

443.000 + DMR Shirley Peak  (NE of Bakersfield) 7200' X/L

445.760 - PL 141.3 Channel Islands Harbor (Ventura)  L

442.925  + PL 141.3 Cummings Mt (Serves S San Joaquin Valley) 7800'  E/X/L


927.125 - DPL 125 Getty (10 miles N of Bakersfield) 1000' L (Upon command)

224.780 - PL 100 Double Mt. (Tehachapi) 8000' X/L

147.270 + PL 94.8 15 miles E of Bakersfield 2700' E of Bakersfield (Stand alone)

927.075 - PL 203.5 Cummings Mt. 7800' E/L (Upon command)

927.1375 - PL 203.5 Round Mt. 1500' NE Bakersfield (Linkable upon command)


441.125 + PL 141.3  Taft L

927.0875  - PL 100 Taft  (Linked upon command)

441.600 + Fusion  Taft

441.575 + DMR


223.820 -PL 114.8 Shaver Lake (E of Fresno)


440.600 + PL 141.3 Benito (West San Joaquin Valley) X/ L


447.860 - PL 141.3 Frazier Mt  (Central Hub of Kern System) 8000'  X / L

145.190 - PL 141.3 Canyon Repeater (15 miles NE of Bakersfield) 5000' E of Bake  E/X/L)

442.950 + PL 141.3 Buck Rock (55 miles E of Fresno) 8500' E/X/L